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Passage Of Sound

Large outdoor video and sound installation
Fleadh Cheoil Na hEiréann 2017

I am intrigued by the capacity of the landscape to reflect our own world, our values, our histories, our culture and our experiences. The human condition, has always been an undercurrent in my work and this is reflected in my most recent works, where solitude is expressed through the treatment of the landscape in film and sound. These works and their associated narratives both real and imagined, are shaped from the geographies and the fabric of the place itself, touching on the stories, and the histories that are embedded within.

These short and often experimental film works emerge as a response to place. They are a combination of research and time spent on location where the initial ideas are developed crafted and designed to confront the viewer in the simplest of ways by engaging an emotional response in relation to the landscape.

Landscape is a vehicle that allows me to express ideas thoughts and experiences that are abstract and difficult to define. In this work ‘Passage of Sound’  the landscape is used as a metaphor for the artist going to the edge in search of his craft.This film was commissioned as a large outdoor site specific installation that was projected as a live event over a 150ft span across the river Fergus in Ennis. The inception from the initial film and sound concept to the mapped projection as nightly live event for the duration of Fleadh Cheoil Na hÉireann (Irelands largest traditional musical festival) was a huge event that attracted huge number of people.

Much of the narrative in my recent photography and video work has been shaped by my experiences growing up in a small town in the west of Ireland. As a teenager, I spent much of my time exploring the vast and varied landscapes of the surrounding countryside, including rolling hills, wooded areas, caves, and rivers, as well as old country mansions. At the same time, I was also fascinated by the early advances in technology and the excitement of the local amusement arcades and video games. This fascination with technology has remained a constant source of inspiration in my work.

These early influences, along with the realization that personal memories and experiences can have a lasting impact on our subconscious and be a significant source of influence in our artistic practice, have shaped my artistic practice, which now encompasses video, sound, sculpture, and photography.

After growing up in this small town, I spent my twenties traveling through the Middle East, living on a tight budget and sleeping in caves, olive groves, and on beaches. These experiences, along with my earlier ones in Ireland, have informed my artistic practice and continue to inspire my work to this day.

The subject matter of my artistic practice is largely centered around exploring and documenting specific sites and locations, often drawing on my own personal experiences and the various subcultures that I have encountered. Through my short films and photography, I am able to delve deeper into these experiences from my youth and explore their enduring impact on my work.

Overall, my artistic practice is centered around the sculptural dimensions of film, photography, and expanded cinema, with a focus on exploring our perceptions and experiences of time and place. Working predominantly with lens-based mediums, I use both photography and film to convey the inherent narratives and stories present in the geographics of a location.

I think that their are comparisons between some kinds of documentary filmmaking  and those photographers and film makers who've come in the wake of something like the new topographics movement. those photographers who are concerned to reveal particular kinds of relationship to the landscape to the man altered environment in the subtitle of that of that exhibition, share I think a sensibility with some kinds of field Recordist who are particularly interested, for example, in the long take recordings, so very long duration recordings that work hand in hand with considerable periods of immersion in a particular environment


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