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The Diving Bell



The Diving Bell 

Unto the things of earth that time hath bent

A spirit's feeling

There is a power and magic in the ruined battlement.”

Tom Steele (1788-1848).

A lone figure sits within the ruins of Tom Steel's former country mansion. Cullaun House, was the home of Tom Steele — inventor of the communicating diving bell, adventurer, classical scholar and champion of the underdog and the oppressed. This short film brings the viewer to the threshold, between the visible and invisible, the real and the imagined. A momentum builds a sense of expectation lingers and hangs in the air — a world below the surface perhaps —  Tom Steele  invented the communicating diving bell  that for the first time allowed the diver ‘to hold conversation with those above the water and they in turn were able to converse with the diver below’. 

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