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Sea Wolves Sleep
Volcano trucksDSC07449.jpg
Volcano Tower-DSC07517.jpg


Island of The Sea Wolves is a collection of images that seek to capture the essence of the landscape in a stripped-down, objective way, while also exploring humanity's relationship with territory and landscape.

Through an interplay with the technical possibilities of photography and a personal and contemporary vision, these images seek to modify the traditional documentary method in order to create a deeper and more nuanced understanding of place. The key themes explored in these images include place, the artist's response to place, sensing place, and humanity's relationship with place. These themes are explored through a rich layering of subjective meanings and personal vision, as the artist seeks to explore the ways in which we experience and interact with the world around us.

Overall, this body of landscape photographs is a thought-provoking exploration of the photographic tradition and our relationship with place. It invites viewers to engage with the images on a deep and personal level, and to consider the ways in which we interact with and shape the landscapes that we inhabit.

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