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Space; A Prologue 

Space is an abstract dystopian short film that captures the desolate and abandoned atmosphere of a world where humanity is grappling with some unknown disaster or threat.  The film was actually created one year before the Covid endemic and lockdown. The two central characters dressed in white overalls, are  testing the lakeland scene for contamination, they would appear to represent the efforts of a society to understand and confront the challenges it is facing. The film's visual style, which integrates  the glacio-karst landscape of the Burren in the west of Ireland together with the use of a  dark monotone  palette serves to reinforce the sense of isolation and uncertainty that pervades the narrative. By relying on purely visual elements to convey its message, the film is able to communicate with an audience in a more direct and immediate way, bypassing the need for language and allowing viewers to engage with the story on a deeper, more intuitive level. Overall, the film serves as a powerful and evocative commentary on the challenges of living in a dystopian society, and the ways in which people can come together to navigate through even the darkest of times.

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