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Selected Photography

The central focus of my work is to explore and document specific sites and locations, drawing on my personal experiences and the various subcultures I have encountered through travel. Through lens-based mediums, I delve into the narratives and stories present in the geographics of a location, using photography and film to convey my perceptions and experiences of time and place.

My artistic practice is centered around the sculptural dimensions of film, photography, and expanded cinema, and I aim to delve into our subjective experiences of time and place. The long take recordings and extended periods of immersion in a particular environment, which are hallmarks of some forms of documentary filmmaking and field recording, are also evident in my work. There are comparisons to be made between my practice and that of photographers and filmmakers influenced by the New Topographics movement, who are concerned with revealing specific relationships between the landscape and the man-altered environment.

Shelagh Honan

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