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From the series  The House is Leaving  Me 

At the heart of these images sits a central figure, suspended in a timeless and spaceless state. 

'The House is Leaving Me' refers to the final stages of my mother's life and her struggle with memory. She could not remember her home and would say 'the house is leaving me'.

This series of work also serves as a broader metaphor for the human condition and the environment that envelopes us. It explores the profound relationship between place and human experience, delving into the notion that place itself holds energy. Just as one enters a physical space and is immediately grounded in a specific time and location, the power of place becomes a force field in itself.

Employing the mediums of photography, film, and installation, these works feature as part of an ongoing, expansive project that investigates the notion of the enduring presence of place and its indelible impact on our lives. 

Solitude, as a narrative device, not only mirrors personal experiences and the cultural and historical contexts that inform  artistic practice, but also echoes the broader human experience of grappling with the quest for significance in an increasingly intricate and disconnected world. By conveying the solitary figure,I want to convey an emotional resonance with the viewer, enabling them to establish connections with the narratives that permeate the work. 

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