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From the series  The House is Leaving  Me 

The House is Leaving Me' is a reference to my mother's experience at the end of her life and also acts as a metaphor for the larger human experience of disconnection and the search for meaning in an ever-changing world.

The central figure in these images serves as a symbol of this experience, suspended in space and time, adrift, isolated and alone.

Through the use of photography and film, I aim to convey these narratives and stories and explore the relationship between the human condition and the physical environment.

 The goal of this body of work is to encourage reflection on personal experiences and perspectives, connecting the viewer to the deeper themes and narratives that lie beneath the surface.

The Aistear exhibition is part of a larger ongoing project that explores the idea of the presence of place and its impact on our lives.

This figure serves as a metaphor for the human experience, and the surrounding environment, whether it be a remote mountain, forlorn architecture or an urban landscape, reflects the values, histories, and experiences that shape our lives.

The use of solitude as a narrative device serves not only as a reflection of my own experiences and the cultural and historical contexts that inform my work, but also a reflection of the larger human experience and the struggle to find meaning in an increasingly complex and disconnected world. Through the representation of the lone figure, I aim to create a sense of emotional resonance with the viewer, allowing them to connect with the deeper themes and narratives that underlie the work.

Furthermore, my use of photography and film and installation as my primary mediums allows me to convey the inherent narratives and stories present in the geographies of a location, and to further explore the relationship between the human condition and our physical environment. 

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