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S  H  E  L  A  G  H    H  O  N  A  N

Shelagh Honan's work utilizes a wide range of techniques and approaches to create video and photography installations that push the boundaries of traditional cinematic forms. These installations often take the form of large outdoor site-specific projections,and also incorporate single and multi-channel installations where video screens are projected, suspended, multiplied, miniaturized, or otherwise manipulated. One of the distinctive features of her practice was the use of large-scale outdoor projections. She completed several commissioned projects that covered large town buildings, bridges, and architectural locations. These projects allowed her to create large scale immersive and experiential artworks that engaged the viewer on a sensory and emotional level. She also curated many exhibitions in unused sites and townhouses, managing and collaborating with other artists. Overall, her art practice is centered on using experimental film narratives to explore themes of society, culture, and the human experience, and to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences that inspire and challenge the viewer. She sees video as a medium that is receptive, flexible, and far-reaching, where she can create work that encourages viewers to engage with the world around them in new and meaningful ways.  ​ Her's is a film practice that explores our relationship with the landscapes. and place. I create films that are designed specifically for the screen and that feature intimate, ritualistic performances set in remote locations. The movements of the protagonist are choreographed to fit within a tight visual field and are captured by a camera that alternates between a static position and one that follows the protagonist.  I aim to create a sense of atmosphere and experience for the viewer as they follow the protagonist through isolated landscapes.  The final film is a carefully crafted combination of recorded sounds from the location and sounds sourced from online. The editing process gives the film its structure, with different locations blending seamlessly into one another. These films have a strong sense of the  poetic, as a direct response to nature. The final result is presented as a moving sound and image installation, sometimes designed specifically for outdoor locations or gallery spaces. The films range in duration from 3 to 20 mins in length. The physicality of the film and sound, and how they are experienced within a particular space, are critical to the overall impact of the work. Time is also a key element, made visible through the projection of the image and sound in the space.

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