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S  H  E  L  A  G  H    H  O  N  A  N

Honan's work utilizes a wide range of techniques and approaches to create video and photography installations that push the boundaries of traditional cinematic forms. These installations often take the form of large outdoor site-specific projections,and also incorporate single and multi-channel installations where video screens are projected, suspended, multiplied, miniaturized, or otherwise manipulated.
One of the distinctive features of her practice is the use of large-scale outdoor projections, which have included projects that span large town buildings, as well as projections in dark fields or in empty abandoned locations. These projects allow her to create immersive and experiential artworks that engage the viewer on a sensory and emotional level.
Overall, her art practice is centered on using experimental film narratives to explore themes of society, culture, and the human experience, and to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences that inspire and challenge the viewer. She sees video as a medium that is receptive, flexible, and far-reaching, where she can create work that encourages viewers to engage with the world around them in new and meaningful ways.

Selected Video

Round House
Passage Of Sound
Space Prolouge

Selected Photography

Looking Back 3

Áistear Preview

Shelagh Honan's installations explore the emotional and psychological experiences that connects us with place. She uses various media, such as moving images, video, sound, and projection, to convey the intangible aspects of place and creates immersive experiences for viewers. Honan's work delves into the deeper, often unseen or intangible aspects of location, using a variety of lens-based tools and technologies to explore different processes and mediums. Through experimentation, she constantly seeks new ways to express her ideas and emotions in her practice.







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