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Ends of The Earth

One of the distinctive features of my art practice is the way that I integrate sound and image in order to create a tangibly physical experience for the viewer. In my work, I use sound and image in concert to create immersive and multisensory artworks that engage the viewer on a sensory and emotional level.

To achieve this, I often work with the body as an artistic medium, using movement, gesture, and physical presence to develop the conceptual narrative of the work. This can involve incorporating live performance elements, working with dancers or other performers, or using the body as a canvas for projection and other media.

In this way, I aim to establish video as a medium that is not just visual, but also tangible and experiential. Through my art practice, I seek to create works that invite the viewer to engage with the medium on a deeper level, and to experience video as a fully embodied and multisensory form of expression.

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